Bethany Christian Services, Fairfax & Fredericksburg, VA

Fairfax Phone: (703) 385-5440 |

Fredericksburg Phone: (540) 373-5165 |

The nation’s largest adoption and foster care agency that cares for women facing unplanned pregnancies and children without families.


Birthmother Ministries, Inc. (Birthmothers), Vienna, VA

Phone: (703) 261-6370 | or

Birthmother Ministries is a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to helping anyone with an unplanned pregnancy regardless of religion, race, or social status. They also offer long-distance support through phone, email, texting, and Skype. In addition Birthmothers offers a variety of other resources such as pregnancy testing, legal assistance, material support, Hispanic services, and counseling.


Center for Adoption and Pregnancy Services (CAPS),  Fairfax, VA

Phone: (703) 425-0100 |

CAPS, part of Catholic Charities, provides ongoing guidance and support for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. The organization will help with both parenting plans and adoption plans. CAPS continues to support the women after the birth of the baby through individual and group counseling.


I Choose Adoption

This website provides facts and information about adoption. If you are thinking about adoption, call to speak to a local certified expert and/or set up a free appointment. You will receive information, support and resources specific to Northern Virginia - no pressure involved. For more information on who to call see Center for Adoption and Pregnancy Services above.


Sally’s Lambs,  Ashburn, VA

Sally’s Lambs’mission is to encourage and support birth moms facing unplanned pregnancies. Sally’s Lambs works with established pregnancy care centers, adoption agencies and birth mothers directly in order to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of birth mothers.