Empowering Women

The Gabriel Project seeks to uphold the dignity of every person– helping women realize that they are capable of achieving their biggest dreams. Gabriel Angels are women who are committed to empowering other women by helping them realize the true beauty in motherhood: it is not only self-sacrificing, but also a  life  mission far bigger and greater. Gabriel Angels will be your friend and walk with you step by step through your pregnancy as you navigate these unknown waters. Gabriel Angels respond in an unconditionally loving and non-judgmental manner, and will offer their assistance to all of the women who call the Gabriel Project.

Meet some of our Gabriel Angels


With 2 kids of my own, I enjoy meeting other women for coffee and talking about new ways to get strawberry stains out of toddler clothes and discussing which type of stroller is the best. It makes me happy to offer friendship and support to other women who are expecting, whether it is their first or second, or third child. I know it means a lot to have someone who understands the challenges of motherhood, and who can remind you that despite times of difficulty, it’s all worth it for those “sunshine moments” of laughter and smiles you have with your baby.

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I have been a Gabriel Angel, or mentor, for 5 years. I love sharing with new mothers what I learned while raising my 3 children, all of whom are now grown up and have kids of their own. Raising kids can be a daunting task and I love acting as the voice of encouragement to other women who have small children. I also love sharing stories about my own grandchildren .