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Free Books

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Tiny-Blue-LinesLittle Blue Line tells the story of a woman in an unexpected pregnancy during college.





GP prayer book2The Gabriel Prayer Book  offers prayers for the mother, the unborn child, the care providers, and for guidance when making difficult decisions regarding pregnancy.





Theology of her body

Theology of Her Body discusses why you are the way you are and the beauty and mystery of femininity and masculinity.




Pure womanhoodPure Woman Hood uncovers the lie today’s world tells men and woman about love and gives women hope that true and pure womanhood exists and is possible.





How to find your soulmate without losing your soulHow to Find Your Soul Mate without Losing Your Soul shares about not changing who you are, being treated with the respect and dignity you deserve and offers twenty-one strategies to help single women understand and enjoy being single while also searching for Mr. Right.



catholic mothers companion to pregnancyA Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy
is designed to accompany mothers throughout their pregnancy, offering information about the stages of pregnancy, difficult situations, and prayers to pray along the way.


 Additional Resource Sheets

Additional resources on topics such as childcare, education, prenatal care, financial counseling and budgeting, pregnancy loss, and poor prenatal diagnoses are available upon request.