Pregnant on Campus

Pregnant on CampusPortrait of happy loving mother and her baby outdoors

Are you a student and just found out you are pregnant? Do you feel like your world just turned upside down and you are scared and unsure about what to do? Do you feel like the classes and money you have put into your education will go to waste because your life just took an unexpected turn?

Pregnancy does not mean you have to give up your dream of continuing your education or pursuing the career you have always wanted.

You can be a mom and make your dreams a reality if you know what support and assistance you need and where and how to find that support.

Did you know that most colleges offer free counseling to students? You can go in and talk about what’s going on in life and receive help planning out your work load in order to make the challenges more manageable. Some colleges provide daycare programs designed specifically for children of students and professors and  support groups for students who are parents.

In addition, there are several resources such as distance learning programs, affordable ESL programs, government financial aid, and scholarships available for women (some designed specifically for moms, women facing unexpected pregnancies, and women from low-income families). These resources allow you to continue your education without letting money be an issue. Contact us today to talk to someone who understands for a personal consultation.