You Have Options


Motherhood is a blessing but it may not always seem like it. If you are a new mom it can appear daunting, especially if you were not planning on being a mom quite so soon.

Maybe you received different reactions when you told others that you were expecting or maybe you have mixed thoughts about it yourself, such as: “I have no support… I cannot afford a child … I am not ready to be a mom… I might lose my job… what will my friends and family think?”

You might be asking yourself questions such as: “how do you take care of a baby and go to school?” or “what are my options?” and “what happened to my life?”

The Gabriel Project can help you figure everything out, understand your options, and provide you with the support and assistance you need.

I need help, what do I do first?

Call the Gabriel Project and a staff member will talk with you and do a “needs assessment” after which they will immediately begin helping you find and receive the assistance you need. The Gabriel Project offers support to pregnant woman materially, financially, and emotionally, as well as provides referrals for medical care and pregnancy tests.